Class 1 

As part of Wolf Week, Class 1 worked with Class 6 to find out the answers to questions we had about wolves. We then made our own information posters.

In maths we have enjoyed working independently or with a partner and have found out how to use equipment to help us when we are working. 

In English we have had lots of fun creating story maps, hot seating and making sandwiches to eat with our toys when we invited them to tea!

We had a fabulous Christmas party, wearing hats we had made ourselves. A very special visitor came along!

In science when learning about ourselves, we answered the question are all fingerprints the same by looking at our own prints and those of our friends.

We had a fabulous time when David came to give us a chocolate workshop! We found out how to use our senses by looking at, touching, smelling, listening to and finally tasting chocolate! We found out about where chocolate comes from and about what the Fairtrade symbol means and we also made our very own chocolate lollies.