Class 2

I hope that you find this is a useful page to see all of the interesting things that we have been up to. We are learning lots and lots and creating some wonderful memories along the way!

Miss G. Steele

Children in Need

We raised money for the charity on Friday 17th November 2017, raising close to £200! Here we are covering Pudsey in our coins. 

Road Safety Training

This half-term we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe, with this week's focus on road safety. We have been on a local walk focusing on how to cross the roads safely, what to do if there are parked cars and practising the Green Cross Code. In class we have completed the Calderdale Council pedestrian scheme which has involved learning about the different ways to cross a road. The ones that we focused on were zebra, puffin, school crossing patrol, pedestrian island, subway and footbridge. We also learnt about wearing bright colours and reflective strips so we can be seen while walking, types of junctions and keeping ourselves safe while travelling inside a car. 

We are pleased to say that 100% of the class passed the scheme and they received their certificates to take home. 

Christian Values Day

This week we held our Christian Values Day. The focus was on our core values of friendship, forgiveness and trust. During the day we visited different classrooms where we completed an activity or a workshop based upon a bible message. The children learned about respect, kindness and compassion and produced fantastic models, a play, some cards and artwork around looking after our world and everything in it. 

Class 4 Maths Games

This week we received a very special invite from the pupils in Year 4. They had spent time creating Maths games for us so we went to see them in the Juniors. We had a brilliant afternoon playing number bond, times tables and addition and subtraction games. The children in Class 2 were that thrilled that they spent time writing them thank-you letters and delivered them upstairs themselves. 


Throughout this half-term we have been learning about indoor games, these have included bench-ball, skittle-ball and dodge-ball as well a a few other lesser known games. During the sessions we have used games as a warm up, to learn new skills (including attacking and defending) as well as to keep fit and have lots of fun! During the last two weeks we have also introduced some yoga. We are using this to help us stretch out and be more flexible as well as to help us keep calm and focused. 

Cross Country Run

We took part in the inter-house cross country run today. Every member of Class 2 crossed the finish line, meaning each achieved a house point for their team. Well done!

Julia Donaldson

For our 'same author, different stories' unit we have been studying the work of Julia Donaldson. Throughout the unit we have read a range of her books and performed some of her poems and songs. We even used the school i Pads to answer the questions we had about her as an author. We have also been on a Gruffalo treasure hunt around school, found similarities and differences within her work and learnt about rhyme. Our unit was rounded off by making a BIG portion of Gruffalo crumble. The instructions that we had were rubbish so we decided to write our own. As you can see from the photos we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Class 2 Qualify as 'GROSSOLOGISTS'!!

As part of out Human Body topic we went to Eureka for a 'Gross Lab Workshop'. We found out about various bodily functions, although we won't go into too much detail on here! The focus of the day was learning through investigations.We also had time during the day to explore the museum and the nature trail as well as the playground. Great fun and learning was had by all!

The Human Body

Our Science topic for this half-term is all about the body. Today we have been learning about the skeleton. We learnt the skeleton dance. This taught us about the body, how it is attached, the names of some of the bones and our left and right. We had fun learning and dancing, Miss Steele joined in too!  

Reading Buddies 

We have teamed up with Class 4 this year. As a class we are very good readers and are developing our fluency and comprehension further by reading weekly with our Class 4 reading buddy. Here we are on our first week together!