Class 2

I hope that you find this is a useful page to see all of the interesting things that we have been up to. We have learnt lots and lots and created some wonderful memories along the way!

Miss G. Steele

Mathematics - Money

Over the last fortnight we have been revising and extending our knowledge and understanding of money. We have looked at coin recognition, totals of money in piggy banks, giving change, addition and subtraction of money, as well as reasoning and problem solving. Some bits have been very tricky but once we managed to accomplish the task we were all very pleased with and proud of ourselves. 

The Day the Crayons Quit 

In English we have been reading this story and using the crayon's letters as ideas for our own. We had a lot of fun adding in questions, exclamation marks and exclamation phrases to our work as we were pretending to be an angry crayon. We also linked this unit to our PHSE work on feelings. We have been thinking about how we show our own feelings and how we tell how other people are feeling from what is said, how it is said, facial expressions and body language. Have a look at the slideshow below, can you tell what feeling we are acting? 

Mother's Day

Our PTFA organised and run a mother's day stall so we wrote special gift tags (using our best handwriting), chose and wrapped a present to take home as a gift for Mothering Sunday. We also made some cards that had our faces as the center of the flower. Happy Mother's Day! 

Science - Materials

To round off our topic on materials we were given a challenge where we had to build a boat for the maths bears using only one material...foil! Each group worked as a team to create the best design that they could; some layered the foil, some folded it and other crumbled it up. We then tested each group's boat and the winning boat managed to hold 27 bears.

Tally Charts - Road Traffic Survey

In class we have been learning about ways to collect and use data so we have conducted a traffic survey. The children decided on which colours to look for, used gates to count in blocks of five and then analysed the results. Silver was the most frequent colour of car to pass but we also saw a green and a pink too. 

Class Trip to Magna, Sheffield

Linked to our Science topic on Materials we went for our class trip to Magna to do a Materials Workshop with Scientist Dave. Whilst we were there we also had time to visit 'The Big Melt', The Earth Area and The Fire Area. All the children wrote a piece for the school newsletter. Sophia's was chosen and she said "We went to Magna in Sheffield and we learnt that Magna means huge or big. My favourite bit was when we saw the fire tornado and we went in an old hot air ship. After that we went for a walk around the fire area. Magna was the best trip that I ever had."


Our Science topic this half-term has been materials. We have been learning about different types of materials and their properties. As a class, we read the story of The Three Little Pigs. We discussed the materials used for each of the houses and why the third Little Pig had the best idea. From this we designed a 'silly house' and a 'real house' of our own. During the unit we also tried weaving and making papier-mache bowls. Our class assembly was also based on this theme.


In Mathematics we have been learning how to measure length, capacity and mass. We had fun, particularly with the water! Miss Steele was very impressed with our learning as we could all use the units set and tried very hard to be accurate with our measurement (even when we were getting frustrated). As you can see from the photographs we are extremely proud of ourselves. 


We have had fun this Christmas time preparing for our nativity, sewing, decorating and dancing at the Christmas party. We have spent time in assemblies and at St Peter's church reflecting on the meaning of Christmas and thinking about others too. 

Ryburn Valley High School Community Event

Our class was invited to perform at a community event held at Ryburn. We decided to perform our snowman dance that we had created in PE throughout this half term. Members of the community were in the audience and we got a huge round of applause. As we were leaving people kept coming out to congratulate us on our routine, we were very proud.  

Whole School Art Exhibition

Our class took part in the whole school art exhibition event. We had to decide on a theme, the techniques to use and how to present it. Our class theme was - All of our love. Once the artwork was complete it was framed and a huge exhibition took place in the hall, everyone had a piece of artwork in it. 

Cinema Trip

As part of the Film Festival event we were invited to go and watch Finding Nemo at the Hebden Bridge Picture House. We learnt about how the floods had affected the cinema and the local area and what they had done to fix it all. The film was excellent and we even got some treats!

Children In Need 

We covered Pudsey Bears face in silver coins to raise money for Children In Need. We had a non-uniform day and learnt lots about what the charity use the money for. 

European Visitors 

We have been lucky enough to welcome teachers from across Europe this half-term. They came from Ireland, Spain, Poland and Germany. Each did a presentation on their school, answered our questions and even taught us some of their language!

Autumn Collages

We have been learning about the four seasons. For homework we were asked to create a Seasons collage. Some of us chose to focus on one season and some of us incorporated all four. Have a look at some of our work. 

Class Visit to Thackray Museum - Florence Nightingale Workshop

In class we have been learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. The children have really enjoyed this unit and were very excited to show 'Florence Nightingale' all the things that they had been learning about. As you can see from the photographs the children enhanced their learning further and even had the opportunity to visit the body museum. 

Road Safety 

We have been learning about the Green Cross in class and how to keep ourselves and others around us safe. To follow this up Calderdale Council sent their Road Safety Team into school. They delivered a two hour workshop on Road Safety and took the pupils out for a walk around Triangle showing them how to walk through the village safely. The pupils had a fantastic day and the team were very impressed with the knowledge and understanding shown by the children. 

Physical Education

In P.E we have been learning how to play bench-ball and dodge-ball for our games unit. We have been practicing attacking and defending, throwing and catching, as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. The children have really enjoyed the warm-ups, games and cool-downs, the staff have joined in too!

World Book Day

We celebrated Roald Dahl's 100th birthday for World Book Day. We got dressed up, created dream potions, wrote a marvelous medicine recipe and thought about the funny words that he created and used. We ended the day by reading a Roald Dahl treasury.