Class 5


Welcome to our web page.



Our brilliant trip to Manchester Science and Industry Museum!

Our first school trip was to Bankfield Museum to experience what it was like for Evacuees in World War Two. The children loved dressing up as evacuees and meeting the Billeting Officer at the doors. We then met the Air Raid Warden who told us all about the different jobs people had to do during that time. The children even got to dress up in the different uniforms!


We also really enjoyed our Christians Value Day, where we focussed on our 3 values of Friendship, Forgiveness and Trust. We looked at our prayer area in our classroom and the children came up with ideas to make the area a more inviting and relaxing place to be. Here are the results of their hard work.


We always have homework set on the same days.

English - set on a Tuesday to be handed in on the Friday

Maths - set on a Friday to be handed in on the Tuesday

Spellings - set on a Thursday for a test the following week

Reading - please try and read at home a couple of times a week, this doesn't have to be your reading book. It could be a magazine, comic, book from the library etc.

Times tables - these are really important and help with all areas of maths work.  If your child doesn't know them then practise at home!