We have been finding out about lots of different creatures, like caterpillars, butterflies and ladybirds. We love to dig for and hunt minibeasts in our outdoor playground. We have also been learning about symmetrical patterns on butterflies, and doubling and halving numbers.

We had a great time on our Autumn walk exploring our different senses of what we can see, touch and hear. We chose our favourite Autumn things and made our own Autumn potions.

This week in Reception Class we read the story 'Peace at Last'. After reading this story we decided to have our own listening walk around Triangle Primary School. We heard lots of interesting sounds especially in the staffroom! When we came back to class Mr Bear had left us a teddy bears picnic to thank us for being super listeners. We then enjoyed writing thank you cards and drawing pictures to thank Mr Bear for our special treat. We hope he vists us again soon.   

This week in Reception Class we read Handa's Surprise. We listened to the first sound in all of Handa's fruit, then we helped her to find the letter cards of s, a, t, p in our outdoor area. We thought of other foods that started with the sounds s, a, t and p and we practised writing these letters in chalk. We even helped Handa to spell out some words like at and sat. We enjoyed tasting and describing the fruit in Handa's basket. We also made our own grape kebabs and counted out the right amount of grapes to match our age. Our favourite part was eating them afterwards.