Extended Services

In an effort to help parents and members of our community, we hold contact information about numerous services that may be of interest.

One such service is the Pre School that is situated within the school building.  You can contact 3 Corners Pre School and Out of School Club on Hx 835658.

The same service (as its name suggests) also offer care for children both before and after school.  This 'wrap around' provision is available to any child who attends Triangle, subject to availability.  It is situated in the extended schools room and is available from 7.30am and until 6pm.  For more information please use the number above.

Both of these services rely on a committee of volunteers to keep them going and they are always keen to attract new people to help out.

The website for 3 Corners is www.3cornerstriangle.com On here you will find much more about the services they provide.

Ryburn Valley Childminders are a group of individual childminders who live in the Ryburn area.  If you would like to know more about this service please ring Hx 823146.