Our Recent Building Modernisations

Recently our school was fortunate to work with the Local Authority to modernise the building.  The  work included:

  • A new 4 classroom extension situated to the rear of the building as you look from Butterworth Lane.
  • A new entrance area built in front of the old main entrance.
  • Extensive remodelling of the rest of the school.
  • A new car park for staff and visitors on the school field.

The work took about 40 weeks to complete.

This page acted as a sort of diary to keep everyone in the picture about how things progressed.  The most recent entries are at the top of the page, so if you want to see the project from the beginning you need to start at the bottom of the page. 

We hope you may still enjoy looking at how this project evolved.  If you are interested in some of the technical information about this modernisation project please click here


Monday 16th November:  The old part of the building is really taking shape now.  Here are a few photographs I took on Friday of some of the areas...

This was the old classes 3 and 4, looking from what would have been Class 4.  As you can see the decoration is in keeping with the new extension.  We hope that the final effect will be a very smooth transition between the old and the new parts of the school.

This is a picture of the rest of what was Class 4.  This small room will be for the library.  We can't wait to get these extra spaces as at the moment we do not have any spare spaces around school to store thing or work in small groups.

Can you tell where this is?  The old paint on the walls is a big clue.

This space was the old junior toilets at the back of the hall.  The 'purple' side was the for the girls and the 'blue' side for the boys.  It has been made in to one room that will be used for storage.  We think that, amongst other things, the dining room tables and benches will go in here.

This was Class 2!  The room has been split in to 4 main areas.  The room behind the closed door is a sick room.  Next to it is the headteacher's office.  Then comes a meeting room.  Finally there is a store room (behind the wall with the radiator on it). 


And finally for now, here's an updated picture of the area that will form part of the main entrance.  The large window is the administration office.  Opposite this is the caretaker's store and a small room for the photocopier.  If you look at the bottom photograph from 19th October, you can see how this area has moved on since the last time I put some pictures on.


Monday 19th October:  Work is now well under way in the old part of the school.  The builders have found some problems that have resulted in some extra work that needs to be done.  This will put the completion date back, but it should still be during this term.  Here's a few photographs I took last week:


This photograph was taken in the old Class 3.  As you can see, the wall between Class 3 and Class 4 has been removed to create a bigger space.  A new room is being created at the end that will be the library.

This new classroom will be a spare room.  You can just see the new door that leads to the out door space behind the new Class 1.


This is a picture of the old Class 1.  You can see the new doorway that has been formed so that you can get to the old infant toilets.


You can also see that the plaster has been removed at the bottom of the walls and the floor has been taken up along the edges too.  This is because the builders found lots of damp and rotten floor joists!

Can you tell where this picture is?

The space to the left was Class 2's cloakroom and the space to the right was the old ICT room.  The outside wall has been removed so that this is part of the main entrance.

The wooden structure will be part of the new admin office, whilst a caretaker's store and a reprographics room will be formed in the old cloakroom.


The floor in here is much higher that it was originally, so that it is one the same level as the newly built extension.


The image above is class 1 and the one below is class 2.



Friday 11th September:  Despite my regular visits to school over the summer holidays, I neglected to take any pictures of the modernisations (doh!).  Below are some pictures I took today.  They give you a sneaky look around the extension before we move things in.  Enjoy!

First here's a picture looking at the main pupil entrance of the new extension (behind Class 5).  The electricians in the picture are still working hard to make sure that the building is ready on time for us to move in to.


Eventually Class 5 will have their own entrance, but for now they will share this route into school.  The classroom on the ground floor will be Class 2 whilst the one above it is earmarked to be Class 4. (Miss Steele likes the views!!)


This is the entrance that goes directly into Class 1.  To get to this entrance you have to walk around the new extension.  The ground floor windows to the right of the door is Class 1 and above it is Class 3. 


The space above the door is the new staffroom.




This is a view of the extension from around the back.  You can see the windows of Class 3 (left), Class 4 (above right) and Class 2 (below right).  This picture also shows the new path that leads down to the school from the field.  Eventually there will be a staff car park on the field too.


All the soil you can see will have grass laid back down.


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