Pupil Premium at Triangle C of E Primary School

Pupil premium is additional funding for public funded schools in England with the objective of supporting specific groups of children who may be vulnerable to underachievement by raising their attainment, thus closing the gap between them and their peers.

It is allocated to schools to work with pupils who are registered for Free School Meals (FSM) or have been registered for them at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM'). These children receive £1320. Children who are currently looked after (LAC) or have been adopted (Post LAC) are also allocated a premium, they currently receive £2300. Children who are recorded as a Service Child  or those who receive a child pension from the Ministry of Defence will receive £300 of additional funding. 

Pupil premium funding is allocated directly to schools and is clearly identifiable as a budget within its own right. It is for individual schools to decide how the pupil premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility. All schools are then held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support these pupils and are required to report on the amount of funding received and how it is being used.


At Triangle C of E Primary School our vision goes well beyond solely narrowing the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers, we are determined to ensure that our pupils, irrelevant of background or prior attainment, have the skills, attributes, knowledge and understanding to succeed in the world. Many pupils entitled to Pupil Premium, as well as those who are not, often face multiple vulnerabilities which are can be a barrier to attainment and progress. In addition, we recognise that not all of our children in receipt of this funding will be underachieving and therefore these pupils will get access to provision, resources and opportunities to extend their knowledge and understanding further. As a school we also use the funding to further engage and enrich the curriculum for these children, this also includes improving access to opportunities and experiences. 


Our pupil premium policy, written in conjunction with parents, school staff, the Inclusion Manager, Headteacher and Inclusion Governor has been agreed by our Governing Body. This guides the use of funds and ensures that it represents value for money. Please click on the link to view the document. Triangle C of E Pupil Premium Policy


Robust tracking of pupil achievement is in place to identify pupils who attainment and progress throughout their time with us. Effective systems are in place to monitor and assess the pupils within our care. (such as visual spreads, class improvement plans and intervention timetables It is the Class Teachers responsibility to , t the Inclusion Manager and Head overseeing  

Our current priorities for the academic year for 2019-2020 are:

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of phonics/spelling

  • Engage in Calderdale’s ‘Mind the Gap’ programme - Focusing on the ‘best start’ for PP pupils in early years and through the transition into Year 1, as well as embedding Quality First Teaching and interventions to narrow the gap between our Pupil Premium pupils and their peers in other year groups.

  • Increase access to age and content appropriate texts in line with current national expectations.

  • Raise aspirations of pupils to aim for Greater Depth, initially focusing on Maths and Creative Curriculum.

  • Appoint a Learning Support Assistant for one term (3 days a week) to ‘Team Teach’ in Year 6 with the view of assisting pupils to achieve their targeted potential by targeting gaps.

  • Increase Pupil Premium pupils attendance in our extra-curricula activities.

  • Appoint a ‘Health and Wellbeing Champion’.


2018-2019: £28,660 2017-2018: £31,940 2016-2017: £33,277 2015-2016: £45,590

Numbers on roll






Impact Reports

The documents below show the impact of our work using Pupil Premium




Action Plan

This document indicates our budget forecast for the next financial year and indicates how we plan on using the money to best meet the needs of our pupil premium eligible children.



How do I know if my child should get free school meals?

Your child may be eligible for free school meals, and thus pupil premium, if you receive any of the following benefits:

  • Income support

  • Income-based jobseekers’ allowance

  • Income-related employment and support allowance

  • Support under Part IV of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

  • The guaranteed element of state pension credit

  • Child tax credit, provided that you are not also entitled to working tax credit and have an annual gross income of £16,190 or less

  • Universal credit

If you think your child is entitled to free school meals please download the form from the following link or ask our Key Worker or the staff in the office for a paper copy.

Calderdale Free School Meal Form.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal automatically. If the above is/are applicable to your family and your child is in one of these year groups it is still important to register as they will then access the additional funding for provision, resources and experiences. In addition this money will continue to enhance your child's learning for six years after the above criteria ceases to be met.


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